UPLUX are upcycled lamps, made with bicycle parts, bottle glass and industrial waste.

our lamps are unique pieces of original design and high quality build. they incorporate fast-release mechanisms on joints, taken from bicycle wheels. they shine through repurposed glass bottle shades, that are cut, polished and sand blasted on the inside for a smooth light effect.
the original raw surface of the metal is restored and treated lightly.

the process of making these lamps and the origin of their materials belong to the upcycling ideology, and save energy to the production chain:

through sustainable design, we question recycling processes and wish to go further.
in most cases wrongly named, not recycling but downcycling, the energetic cost of remaking -recasting or melting or breaking apart, but also dismantling, transporting, reinstalling, etc- is massive. this is particularly disproportioned in the case of steel and iron. with the goal of saving this energy, we propose instead a clever reuse of these noble materials that adds value instead of substracting it.

we believe we can do better. we advocate cradle-to-cradle design where items are sustainably created to be extracted and used repeatedly without losing quality, then turn to be a nutrient for something else. in this grand scheme of regenerative design, we do our part by making the most out of upcycled materials. saving noble materials from a costly downcycling process or the landfill, and reinserting them with added value into the production chain.

since the industrial revolution, consumers are deemed passive in the production process, only allowed to choose between a predetermined range of mass-produced, non-renewable, one-use goods that after their short life-span will be downcycled or end up as waste in a landfill. we are constantly one click away from ordering such items and having them shipped from the other side of the world in layered packaging to our doorstep. 

we reject this way and propose an alternative choice: a conscious chance to be active in our choices by consuming responsible design.

UPLUX stands for upcycled materials paired with smart design and meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in clean-cut, high quality products.

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